Ready to announce your style in your home? Like the perfect little black dress, make your statement: a beautiful rug, elegant parquet hardwood, or dis...

There are many ways to address the debate between filling your home with carpet or hardwood floors. Largely it’s based on aesthetics, but there are underlying reasons that can sway you one way or another.


Wood is a renewable material, and properly-managed forests produce environmentally-friendly wood. American Flooring carries Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products. Efficient flooring production uses timber in sustainable ways, and the proper care of any hardwood floor reduces environmental impact.


The latest technologies have improved laminate to imitate hardwood floors, from ebony to teak, as well as stone. We can show you hundreds of options, and work with you to find your best flooring solution.

“If carpet is the right choice for a specific space, they feel freer to pick something a little more exciting,” she said. “There are a lot of differen...

People are talking about going green and living sustainable, environmentally-friendly lives. Traditional, natural materials elegant, long-term solutions: a low carbon footprint to produce, the strength to last, and the quality to biodegrade.


For comfort and long-lasting luxury, wool carpeting is making a comeback. Invest in the value of a quality product, with a stain-resistant resiliency for years of wear. Wool carpets take less energy to produce, provides insulation, and is biodegradable.

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