Kitchen flooring styles

Whether you're a gourmet chef or specialize in ordering out, the kitchen is a key area for every home. Your flooring sets the tone for your living space the next time you savor a meal. Our experts weigh in on the styles found in kitchens in 2018.

vinyl floor with hardwood appearanceWood-like Flooring

Hardwood floors are considered high maintenance for kitchens, but laminate and vinyl options mimic a realistic hardwood without the extra work to maintain. Increasingly popular, and unlikely to fall out of style, these options are not prone to water damage or stains. From wide planks to thin, and from high gloss to distressed, hardwood fans are flocking to laminate and vinyl flooring for kitchens.

Tile flooring

A classic staple that is still going strong, tile is durable and simple to maintain. While white tile is an instant fix to make your kitchen appear larger, consider also using larger or hexagon tiles to add style and roominess to your kitchen.

chess board checkered flooringBold colors & patterns

Strikingly-dark and drastically-light colors are a staple in interior design this year. Especially stunning are the use of white, gray, or "blonde" floors with a timeless feel. Whether casual with large planks or patterned with chevrons and herringbone, there is room to add depth in your dream kitchen.

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