Entries for January 2012

Have you noticed salt tracked in from the boots of your holiday guests? There are ways to minimize and hide your winter woes. The good news is that if...

  This is a must read for hardwood floor supporters. As with anything, there are definite do’s and don’ts when considering the switch to, and maintaining hardwood floors. Many times these are basic changes you can make to your routine and lifestyle, which greatly enhance the lifespan and look of your floors.


It’s a new year, so out with the old, in with the new, right? The flooring trends we saw in 2011 have all changed since entering 2012. Most notably, carpeting hasn’t made the list (though, as we’ve said before, if you are a die-hard carpet enthusiast, adding a floor rug atop tile or hardwood floors can many times do the trick). What’s in this year?

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