Respecting our environment. 

As a family-owned business, we understand how important respecting our environment really is. Our values and vision will live well beyond next quarter’s numbers, in fact, they will impact our environment for generations. How much we respect our environment will have a great impact on our children, grand children and generations to come. Doing our part together now to protect our environment is a responsibility everyone shares.

At American Flooring we believe it is time to Rethink What’s Possible. The advent of new technology has allowed many of our manufacturers to develop processes and products, which are environmentally conscious, reduce the emissions of green house gases, and incorporate recycling and renewal programs. Please feel free to contact us at one of two locations to inquire about the many flooring products we carry that are environmentally friendly.

Learn more about environmentally friendly American Flooring products:

American Flooring Lansing CrossvilleCrossville: Ecocycle

EcoCycle is a durable and virtually maintenance free Porcelain Stone product that exudes a feeling of warmth and rustic elegance. Designers seeking an eco-friendly tile no longer have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal; with eight rich, earth-toned colors, EcoCycle is beautifully at home in any environment.

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American Flooring Okemos CrossvilleCrossville: Echo Recycled Glass

Echo Recycled Glass is an exquisite addition to Crossville's collection of recycled products. Crossville's Echo Recycled Glass is a beautifully green way to personalize your home.

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American Flooring Haslett CrossvilleCrossville: Tile Take-Back Program

The tile industry’s leader in sustainable initiatives, Crossville, has developed a system of recycling fired tile. This system processes ceramic and porcelain tiles into powder to be used in creating fresh tiles.

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American Flooring Lansing MohawkMohawk: SmartStrand

Incredibly stain-resistant SmartStrand carpet is made with a renewably sourced polymer, featuring break-through stain protection so there are no chemicals to worry about.

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American Flooring Dewitt ManningtonMannington

Maintains the flooring industry’s largest portfolio of products with recycled content, and has invested in redesign and redevelopment to incorporate reclaimed carpet, VCT, and drywall in high performance products. 

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American Flooring Williamston StainmasterStainmaster: INVISTA

Consider INVISTA by StainMaster Carpet as a part of your efforts to live a greener lifestyle, with the style and durability of StainMaster.

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American Flooring Lansing Shaw Green EdgeShaw Green Edge

Shaw's Sustainability™ Through Innovation™ is their commitment to create the most beautiful – and sustainable – flooring in the world.

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American Flooring Michigan TeragrenTeragren Bamboo

With a tradition of environmental excellence and the green production and manufacturing of bamboo, Teragren offers beutiful and lasting quality with environmentally-conscious specifications.

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American Flooring Michigan Wicanders CorkWicanders Cork

After a detailed eco-efficiency study in 2007, Wicanders Cork environmental excellence has been clearly illustrated. The starting point is a raw material that is extracted cyclically from the cork oak trees without ever damaging them. This raw material is then transformed into products of high added value while biodiversity, economic and social sustainability are simultaneously fostered.

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