Keeping carpets fresh this summer August 20, 2018

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050520 American Flooring 52 1

You may have noticed the outdoors you’ve enjoyed this summer have tracked into your carpeting. Here’s a few tips for keeping your investment fresh and your home comfortable:

  • Carpet should be vacuumed weekly (more if needed) to prolong the life of your carpet. This is your first defense for a clean, odor-free home. Remember to vacuum in different patterns for the most-effective clean.
  • Every three to six months, vacuum first, and then shampoo your carpet. This deep clean is especially important when there are small children, pets, or smokers in the home. Speed drying time by opening windows after washing your carpet, and enjoy these last dog days of summer!
  • Do not underestimate the importance of floor mats in high-traffic areas…especially next to doors where mud may track in.

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