Winter is coming: protect your hardwood floors

The winter season is in many ways magical, but in Michigan this season also means cold weather, snow, and damage to your hardwood floors. 

050520 American Flooring Mannington Hardwood 03
050520 American Flooring Mannington Hardwood 03

Snow means salt and water, both which are damaging to your wood floors. Sand and dirt brought in from snow can cause scratches and other marks, salt leaves white residue on floors, and water from melted snow can harm a floor’s finish. Use these hardwood flooring care tips below to keep your floors durable against the cold.

1. Keep your floors clean

The best way to keep away scratch causing particles is sweeping and vacuuming, specifically near entryways and high traffic areas. You can also use wood finishing hardwood cleaner or other basic cleaners to prevent damage.

2. Use rugs and mats

The easiest way to protect your hardwood floors during the harsh weather is to place mats and rugs near entryways. The rugs will help keep out snow, salt, and other abrasive particles.

3. Understand fluctuations

Because of the cold weather, your heat will be high and the air will be dry. This environment means changes in your hardwood flooring. Floors will contract and leave gaps when the humidity decreases. Don’t worry about these cracks…this is the wood’s natural reaction to the conditions.

If you have any other questions about how to keep your hardwood floors safe during the winter visit one of our American Flooring locations and talk to one of our flooring professionals.

November 20, 2017 News