Inspiring Home Design

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050520 American Flooring 17251 Checkpoint Rs 1

Right now, one design trend we love is bold colors. Dark brown and light brown complimented with white cabinets, tiles and accents. It brings a fresh, simplistic, and clean look to any home. Come visit one of our locations and discuss your home décor ideas with one of our consultants. We would love to assist you in discovering what suits your style best.

Floors are the start of your interior decor process. But before choosing your type and color of floors, it’s important to set up an idea of the type of interior décor that suits you. We’ve listed and some of are favorite design blogs to give you inspiration and direction for establishing your specific style. 

Décor 8 

Decor 8 gives stylish ideas, finds, and inspiration from their blogs. Blogger Holly Becker, showcases chic homes throughout Europe, and shares unique and affordable finds that can compliment any home. We like this Décor 8 blog specifically because it shows us a gallery of unique and fun flooring ideas. 

The Jungalow 

Justina Blakeney’s blog, The Jungalow, focuses on a bohemian decorative style. This style encompasses a mixture of colors, patterns, and greenery to give personality to a home. 

Wit + Delight 

Kate Arend’s blog, Wit + Delight, has been featured in various magazines and is a very popular place to find home decor ideas. The style focuses on a mix of simplicity and subtle details. We like this Wit + Delight blog that focuses on trends in tile. Tile is sometimes overlooked as a home décor option, but it is one of the most unique ways to personalize your home. 


Pinterest is an easy and efficient way to find inspiration on home décor. First you have to create a free account and start ‘pinning’ images that inspire your style. These images can be directed to separate ‘boards’ that showcase different designs and themes.