New Year, New You: 2017 Carpet Trends

Carpet covers rooms from wall to wall with a cozy feel. Beyond comfort, carpet style can reshape your home.

050520 American Flooring 62
050520 American Flooring 62

Textured & Patterned Carpet

Geometric patterns, strips, and other textures minimize soil as well as vacuum marks. They can also make a room seem larger, with striping along the length of a room. The right pattern can make all the difference between just adding a soft touch and getting the style you can call your own.

Bold Carpet Colors

Make a statement that can highlight and area of your home with a bold, saturated color. Paired with neutral or dark furnishings, a ruby red or sapphire blue carpet creates a luxurious and dramatic room.

Neutral Carpet Colors

Others prefer to let their furnishing do the talking, which can be offset with a classic, neutral carpet. Starting with a blank canvas can simplify the process of updating your look when you’re ready to go from robin-egg blue to deep forest green statement pieces.

January 19, 2017 News