Care for your Floor: The Cleaning Guide

Properly caring for your floor helps you get the most out of your investment. Whether your floor is hardwood or bamboo, tile or cork, there are safe and easy ways to care for your floors.


To avoid scratches on hardwood, clean high traffic areas once a week. Use a vacuum for dirt and debris then go over with a slightly damp mop.


050520 American Flooring 17251 Checkpoint Rs 2
050520 American Flooring 17251 Checkpoint Rs 2

Vinyl is easily cleaned by using spray and mop technique. Spray the floor one section at a time then wipe with a damp mop.


Very few things will harm laminate flooring besides water. To keep water from getting underneath the planks, we recommend to dry mop or vacuum the floor. Another thing to avoid is polishing a laminate floor. If the finish of a plank looks worn or damaged, it can be easily replaced.


Cork is very susceptible to water damage. Because cork is so absorbent, you must watch out for moisture. A good tip is to vacuum often to prevent scuffs, and wipe up spills as soon as possible.


In some cases, Bamboo flooring is softer and more prone to scuffs and nicks than other flooring types. Scratches can be avoided by regularly sweeping up debris.

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October 24, 2016 News