Hardwood Floor Favorites for 2016

With each type of interior design, a complimentary hardwood follows, so in order to choose the right color, it is best to imagine your ideal decor and then choose a hardwood tone that best suits those furnishings. 

Hardwood color trends include:

Versatile, Classic Hardwood

050520 American Flooring Indusparquet 08
050520 American Flooring Indusparquet 08

Brown: Brown is the most popular color for hardwood floors due to its versatility. If you are the type of person that likes to redecorate your home, a classic brown floor is the top option for you; the flexibility of this color can easily match your changing home. In terms of resale, a classic hardwood is the best way to appeal to homebuyers in the future.

Natural, Neutral Hardwood

Natural/Beige: In the past few years, this hardwood tone has also been one of the most popular thanks to the casual modern look it provides. This tone is best paired with white furnishings; it is simple, minimalist and functional. These neutral woods go really well with other neutral colors to create a very homey environment.

Bold Hardwood Stain Colors

White: Designing your home is about letting your personality take over. Non-classic hardwood colors like white is a beautiful way for creating your own design statement. Like the natural flooring, white flooring is amazing for simplistic and minimalistic compliments. The other way white flooring is commonly used is with a distressed or beachy look.

Gray: Gray has become very admired among interior designers. Gray is extremely versatile, while still giving off that different and unexpected style. It is best paired with lively accent colors in your furnishings.

September 27, 2016 News