The Loophole to Achieving the Hardwood Look

050520 American Flooring Starloc Vinyl 02
050520 American Flooring Starloc Vinyl 02

Wood flooring is a lovely addition to any home but there is one room in the house that could require significant maintenance to make it last – the bathroom. Between showering, bathing, washing hands, and brushing teeth, there are many activities that could easily affect the quality of hardwood flooring in the bathroom.

In short, bathrooms and hardwood surfaces don’t mix, but there is one loophole to the system.

Laminate flooring, a synthetic flooring material that simulates real hardwood, is another popular option that is believed to be water-resistant.While laminate flooring will offer more water protection than hardwood, it is not ideal nor recommended.

To achieve the same look and feel of hardwood flooring, consider installing wood sheet vinyl, commonly referred as vinyl planks. Vinyl wood flooring is highly durable and entirely waterproof. These planks are a perfect option for imitating hardwood flooring and achieving the bathroom look you desire. Our planks can match a variety of wood tones and styles, mimicking the authentic, natural appearance of actual wood. Sheet vinyl is also affordable and easy to clean, so you can rest assured that your bathroom will retain its presentable shine even with active families.

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