Window Treatments give a finishing touch

Your style doesn’t end with your floor, and neither do we. Beyond hardwood, carpeting, and other flooring, American Flooring also provides window coverings.

050520 American Flooring Ki Window Coverings
050520 American Flooring Ki Window Coverings

Windows are an inevitable focus point, which affect the mood inside any room. Our design consultants work with you to find what best suits your home, but you can also spark your creativity with modern trends.

Sheer Fabrics

The transparent window coverings bring in a beautiful, calming essence of outside into a room. Also these coverings create space by opening up the view to the outside light and environment.


Neutrals such as off-whites, whites, and other neutral window coverings are perfect for any room. Neutrals are timeless and give you an opportunity to bring color from other parts of the room.

Natural Design

Woven wood, bamboo, grass and other natural window coverings are a great way to incorporate the feeling of the outdoors into a living space. These textures and earth tones bring in a natural, organic beauty.


Cellular shades and insulating blinds have arranged folds, which help block heat and winter temperatures. These blinds help lower utility bills and make for a modern, put-together look.

February 15, 2016 News