Kitchen Flooring: Tile vs. Hardwood

050520 American Flooring Virginia Tile American Orlean 01
050520 American Flooring Virginia Tile American Orlean 01

Both tile and hardwood come hand in hand when thinking about flooring options for your kitchen. The kitchen is perhaps the most used space in a home. Knowing that, we really have to think about what we want under our feet. Here’s our take on the debate: we look at budget, style, cleaning, and durability.

Tile vs. Hardwood: Budget

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050520 American Flooring Bt03na1 Biltmore Maple Plank Rs

Tile wins in the category of price when comparing it to hardwood simply because of the large range of tile options. There is a tile that suits every budget. Although if you are thinking of the future and the return of investment on your home, wood may be the better option. Wood raises the value in a home and is popular when putting your house on the market.

Tile vs. Hardwood: Style

Each tile and hardwood can be made to fit the style you want in your home. Although one advantage of hardwood in the kitchen is the option to have continuity and connection throughout the rest of your home. Wood matches up well with other wood; it tends to flow better than different types of tile. If you have hardwood in other spaces close to the kitchen, it makes more sense to carry the hardwood into the kitchen. Tile often to look more sleek, while wood is more comfortable.

Tile vs. Hardwood: Cleaning

Both tile and hardwood floors are fairly easy to clean. With tile having tile grout, the grout lines can be harder to clean. Hardwood is low maintenance, but there is always a chance of dirt getting between floor boards. In either case, be sure to sweep debris regularly.

Tile vs. Hardwood: Durability

Both tile and wood are durable for a highly-used kitchen, but tile resists staining and water damage. Wood is can also be scuffed and scratched, requiring floor matts in high-traffic areas.

When the design possibilities are endless it may seem stressful choosing a flooring option for your kitchen. Visit one our Lansing or Okemos showrooms for our consultants to help you every step of the way.

November 5, 2015 News