Maintaining hardwood floors

Durable hardwood floors evoke a timeless elegance, adding warmth while making a statement. Contact our interior design team to discover which brands and styles will enhance your home.

American Flooring carries many hardwood brands at our Lansing and Okemos locations, but we also want to help you protect your investment.

050520 American Flooring 3
050520 American Flooring 3

Hardwood Care Tips

  • A small area rug or floor mat can protect high-traffic areas and add style to your home. 
  • Clean spills quickly. Know your finish, and keep the proper cleaning supplies in a nearby closet. 
  • Sweep floors regularly to remove dirt and preserve the finish. 
  • Avoid scratches by lifting, not dragging your furniture. Consider using furniture pads for extra protection.

August 5, 2015 News