Timeless Flooring Options That Compliment Quick Trends

Thanks to a combination of evolving trends and robust options, choosing the right flooring for your home can be a difficult decision. American Flooring HGTV is here to help you find a versatile flooring option that is adaptable to new trends and stands up to the test of time. Read on to discover how you can create an upscale and enduring interior look for your house.

elegant american hardwood

American hardwood is a timeless favorite. Designers are utilizing modern ideas and technologies to create striking new looks for natural hardwood. Incorporating different metals and wood species to contrast with the hardwood spices up your room and creates new options for brilliant color combinations. Painting or staining your hardwood floor is also a way to camouflage imperfections and restore the look of your floor at a fraction of the cost.

eye-catching Carpet

Carpet is an adaptable choice that meshes with a variety of furniture and decor items. Choosing carpet with patterns and designs can make each part of your home look like a showroom while still keeping you warm and cozy during Michigan’s cold winters. Make your home pop from season to season by mixing and matching rugs with unique colors and patterns that compliment your carpet.