Maintain Beautiful, Elegant Carpets

Added traffic to your home makes your carpet look dust-covered and dirty, but also leaves long-term damages to the carpet fibers if left untreated. Read on to discover our methods to keep your carpet clean and odor-free this spring and summer. Benefits include: prolonged life of your carpet, a happy and healthy family, and impressed guests.

050520 American Flooring Stainmaster Carpet Living 02 2
050520 American Flooring Stainmaster Carpet Living 02 2

First things first, if you have a vacuum, use it regularly, and if you haven’t replaced your broken one, do it now! Carpets attract animal hair, dirt, mold, mildew and more. When used consistently a vacuum can be the most effective first-measure defense for keeping your carpet clean and odor-free. 

A tip from the pros: working from the same direction can create long term carpet patterns and prevent you from picking up dirt, try vacuuming from different angles to gain effectiveness. Most professionals recommend that you vacuum your carpet everyday; this number can vary depending on how much damage (from foot traffic, accidents, pets, and children) your carpet receives. 

When it’s time to invest in a new carpet, our professionals at American Flooring HGTV will help you find the best possible carpet to match your home decor and possible situation. Contact American Flooring HGTV to explore your options in our Carpet Gallery and our showroom floor, featuring carpets made from our first-class manufacturers.