Winter is Coming, Prepare Your Floors

You don’t have to be a Stark from Winterfell to see the warning signs: Winter is Coming. That means puddles of melted snow soaked into the carpet, salt stains in your rugs, and icy toes on bare floors when you refill your popcorn during Game of Thrones marathons. But it’s not too late to beat the weather; let our consultants help you find the perfect flooring options to do battle against the seasons.

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050520 American Flooring Af Hp Crossville 10 Tclay Lr

Use Protective Mats

Fortify your exits and entryways against the enemy. It’s inevitable that salt- and snow-covered boots are on the way. Place protective mats by your doors to keep the mess from spreading.

Install Carpet Padding

Your floors shouldn’t feel like you’re standing on a giant block of ice. An insulting layer of carpet padding will help keep your floors warmer through the winter months.

Use the Right Stain Remover

Sometimes the fight can get dirty—but your floors don’t have to be. To clean Calcium Chloride (de-icer salt) and mud stains out of carpeting, first, vacuum thoroughly. Next, scrape or blot at the stain, taking care to avoid rubbing it into your carpet fibers. For tougher stains, apply a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of detergent and 1 cup warm water using a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. To dry the area, weigh down some absorbent paper towels with a heavy object to soak everything up over the next several hours. If there’s any stain residue left over, repeat as necessary.

November 5, 2014 News