Find Flooring Worth Screaming About

Halloween can be hard on floors. Shuffling herds of miniature zombies can wreck havoc, wearing down the plush woven fibers of your carpeting. And nobody likes dealing with sticky spills. Don’t despair, prepare.

050520 American Flooring 17251 Checkpoint Rs 3
050520 American Flooring 17251 Checkpoint Rs 3

Haunt our hardwood floor gallery

Tired of walking around a horror movie all year long? It might be time to exorcize the ghosts from your hardwood. Update squeaking, creaking floor boards with some sturdy Maple, Oak, Mahogany, or Walnut hardwood options. Spend some time browsing scary good styles in our online flooring gallery.

Summon our consultants

It’s your worst nightmare: The morning after your blood bath and red wine party you find mysterious stains covering your favorite Baroque pattern rugs. Don’t let it turn your hair white, the expert flooring consultants at American Flooring can help you find the perfect replacement to bring your living room back from the dead.

October 5, 2014 News