“Go Green” with Bamboo or Cork Flooring

Elegant homes set the standard for beauty with high-quality, durable materials. Make your loved ones comfortable while proclaiming your style with sustainable bamboo or cork flooring. As manufacturers continue to develop new ways to engineer cork and bamboo floors, families can get a classic look without the carbon footprint of other options.

050520 American Flooring Teragren Synergy Java 2
050520 American Flooring Teragren Synergy Java 2

Bamboo Flooring

Used for generations across the globe, Bamboo has many benefits for your home:

  • Scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant surface
  • Available in traditional thin bands, as well as wide planks mimicking hardwood.
  • Sold in many colors and styles, to suit your individual tastes.

Cork Flooring

Used by the ancient Greeks, cork is an affordable way to “go green” in your home. The benefits of cork flooring include:

  • Chic floors that are comfortable to walk on, and transcend style
  • Acoustic-insulating qualities
  • A wide, and expanding, range of colors and styles available.

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Eco-friendly, high-quality flooring protects your budget, and our community, for years to come. Stop to our Lansing or Okemos showroom to learn how to “go green” in your home.