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Why Choose Carpeting?

050520 American Flooring Masland Cloisonne
050520 American Flooring Masland Cloisonne

Carpeted floors add a layer of insulation and cut the draft, helping families save on cooling costs. Wool carpeting is one durable option, retaining color and shape over the years. Wool is water resistant, but absorbs moisture vapors to cool rooms; as air dries out a room, wool carpets release moisture and act as efficient humidifier.

Find Your Carpeting Style

Carpeting trends are focusing on rich texture, beautiful color, and stylish patterns. For comfort and long-lasting luxury, you deserve quality flooring, whether you want an ivory shag carpet or a wool rug in rich red.

Carpeting Care

When picking out your carpet, be aware of the environment: an ivory carpet might not be the best option in a high-traffic room. But what do you do after the carpet is installed? Remove spills from carpeting as soon as possible, by lifting or scraping with a spoon. Then, use a wet/dry vacuum for the ideal clean.

American Flooring offers the value of quality products and customer service excellence at either of our locations (Okemos and Lansing). See the carpet gallery for examples of what happens when beauty and comfort combine.