Selecting & Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Styles

050520 American Flooring 5
050520 American Flooring 5

Hardwood floors define a room with luxurious style and long-lasting quality. Your home can be traditional (ash or oak), modern (maple and tigerwood), or rustic (hickory or cherry). Dark woods with a high-gloss look lends a formal look for low-traffic areas, and narrow “strips” can expand the look of a room, and wide “plank” cuts can make a room feel more cozy.

Hardwood Flooring Care

Immediately address liquid spills, which can quickly damage wood. Avoid rolling heavy furniture and keep pet nails trimmed, to avoid unwanted scratches. Use curtains or blinds to protect hardwood from direct sunlight when possible, and keep the humidity between 35% and 55%. And don’t forget, a small carpet or floor mat can protect your hardwood floors, and add style to your home.