Elegant Summer Floors

When children are home for the summer, your floors will get plenty of foot traffic, bringing grass stains and mud onto carpeting and hardwood floors. Everyone at American Flooring wants to help you have a relaxing and enjoyable summer, so we’re sharing some tips to maintain your floors.

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050520 American Flooring American Flooring Hgtv Buy Carpet 14

Protecting Hardwood from Sprinklers & Pools

Hardwood floors can be damaged by excessive water, and chlorine can dull wood finishing. Small rugs in the entryway (and towels stored near the doors) can go a long way to protect your hardwood floors.

Dirt & Mud on Carpeting

Dirt is easier to remove than mud, so let mud dry. Scrape at the dried mud with a spoon to loosen it up, and then vacuum the dirt. Be sure to protect any rug fringes by tipping up the front of an upright cleaner and pushing away from the carpeting (to lift dirt without catching the fringe in the agitator).

Ready to Upgrade?

If what you need is not a cleaner home but a higher-quality floor, drop by our Lansing or Okemos showrooms to learn about your options for carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring options.