Hardwood flooring design for any style

050520 American Flooring Mannington Hardwood 04
050520 American Flooring Mannington Hardwood 04

Find the perfect hardwood floor for your home with the design that fits your style.

Neutral colors create an atmosphere that balances sophistication with efficiency. Create warmth with a finished Brazilian Cherry, which pairs well with light and bright colors on furniture and walls. Light colored wood flooring is more casual, while dark wood lend to a more formal environment.

Try a hickory or oak floor for a subdued, elegant look. Walnut and ash are also popular, lasting species trending in homes today, and beautiful for years to come. Wide, “plank” woods, in any species, gives a rustic look for every setting; thinner, “strip” flooring has a linear, precise appearance.

For high-traffic areas where pets, children, and other loved ones will gather, consider a matte finish, which will not show scratches as quickly as a high-gloss finish. To lengthen the lifespan of any hardwood floor, be sure to regularly vacuum or dry mop the floor, to remove dirt and dust.

September 5, 2012 News