Summer Spaces: Tile Floors

In the four-seasons sunroom, or in kitchen, few things greet your feet like cool tile floor. Bring beauty into your home, starting at the ground level.

Ceramic Tile

050520 American Flooring Virginia Tile Crossville 04 1
050520 American Flooring Virginia Tile Crossville 04 1

Ceramic and porcelain tiles only require a minimum amount of maintenance, but you can reduce the chance of slips by removing surface contaminates, as well as avoiding wax or oil cleaners.

Regularly vacuum, removing dirt; wipe down tiles with a damp cloth or sponge. One of the environmental attributes of tile flooring is that it can be cleaned with only water.

Use a silicon sealer on grout, unless you have decided on an epoxy grout. Avoid ammonia, which will discolor grout, and all-purpose cleaners.

For an intense clean, look to the manufacturer’s literature for specific cleaning product recommendations. Tile does not readily support the growth of mold, fungus, or bacteria; many homeowners find they can go a long time before requiring this intense clean.

So enjoy your low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly summer with toes curled up on cool tile floors! Ask American Flooring to learn more about how tile flooring can set your home apart. And be sure to check out our ceramic tile flooring gallery for interior design inspiration!