Remove common carpet stains

American Flooring wants the best for your home, which means carpeting that is beautiful even after years of coffee spills, muddy footprints, and dropped jam. Be aware of your environment: an ivory carpet might not be the best option in a room where markers and paint brushes are likely to spill. But what do you do after the carpet is installed?

General Carpet Care

Remove the spill from your carpeting as much as possible, by lifting or scraping with a spoon. Then, use a wet/dry vacuum for the ideal clean. Time is of the essence: the more time that passes between spill and clean up, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain.

050520 American Flooring Stainmaster Carpet Living 02 5
050520 American Flooring Stainmaster Carpet Living 02 5

Tea or Coffee Carpet Stains

Neutralize the stain with a white vinegar solution and continue blotting until the spot is removed. Dry with a towel.

Red Wine Carpeting Spills

If no white vinegar solution is available, you may remove red wine by blotting with white wine. Dry the carpeting with a towel after the stain is gone.

Clean Blood Stains from your Carpet

Bloody noses can happen at any time: don’t add to your stress with a permanent carpet stain. Use a cool, ammonia solution to blot the stain. Then, spray cool water to wash out the ammonia. Dry with a towel.

Remove Mud from Carpeting

Let the mud dry completely, and then shatter the mud for easier vacuuming.