Pet-Friendly Carpeting

Our pets are part of our family, and we want all of our family members comfortable at home. Many people ask our flooring experts how to balance concerns like comfort, stains, and allergies.

Cut pile has a dense, soft appearance, which is created when carpeting weaves are trimmed to the same height and allowed to slightly tuft. Loop pile rugs can be best for high-traffic areas and homes with frequently-shedding pets. The smooth and consistent texture is made from yarns looped back into the backing.

050520 American Flooring American Flooring Lansing Carpet Thanksgiving
050520 American Flooring American Flooring Lansing Carpet Thanksgiving


Frieze: Frieze is a cut pile with a tight twist, tighter than textured cut pile. This durable carpeting will not show vacuum lines, footprints, or where your puppy laid down for a nap.


Textured cut pile carpeting is a type of cut pile that is steamed to show a permanent curl. Footprints will not show easily, but pet hair will be simple to vacuum.

And More Pets

Saxony is thick and soft, with perfectly even and solid-colored fibers standing straight up. If your pet family stays in their cage, like a bird or hamster, this is an elegant option to consider.

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March 30, 2012 News