Winter Flooring Woes

Have you noticed salt tracked in from the boots of your holiday guests? There are ways to minimize and hide your winter woes. The good news is that if all else fails, now is the time to install new flooring: hardwood boards are least likely to warp if installed in the colder, dryer months. But to protect yourself from winter flooring woes:

Hardwood Floor Patterns

Avoid solids and look for bolder hardwood patterns. And pale, neutral hardwood show discoloration faster than dark, rich, bold woods.

Carpet & Rug Flooring

A Rug by the front door can protect hardwood floors from heavy winter traffic. Pick an antiqued rug with patterns to hide wear. Don’t be afraid to pair an elegant carpet with a statement rug.

Ask the Michigan Flooring Experts

If your home could be more beautiful, and your floors could use a makeover, talk to the experts at American Flooring. Call us, or drop by one of our three flooring locations: West Lansing, Okemos, and Holt.

January 26, 2012 News