Thanksgiving Elegance

050520 American Flooring American Flooring Lansing Carpet Thanksgiving 1
050520 American Flooring American Flooring Lansing Carpet Thanksgiving 1

Once the Halloween treats are cleaned out of our cupboards (and sometimes our floors), it’s already time for Thanksgiving. American Flooring can’t remove calories from your great aunt’s mashed potatoes, but we can help set the perfect atmosphere for your loved ones to be together this holiday season. Ensure Thanksgiving elegance this year in a more-beautiful home.

Wool Rugs and Shag Carpeting

Keep your home cozy, from the ground up. Resolve to keep toes warm and dining areas beautiful. An elegant pattern can hide those pumpkin pie stains, but traditional wool carpets are very stain resistant.

Laminate Flooring

Mud rooms, laundry rooms, play rooms, and pantries can all benefit from a simple and practical laminate floor. Don’t loose your personality in the functionality: meet with our interior design consultants to find the perfect color and pattern.

Sustainable Bamboo & Cork Floors

Celebrate today with your loved ones, with an eye to the future. Set the standard, adding elegance with an eco-friendly touch with either bamboo or cork floors.

Ask us today about your options. American Flooring is proud of our made-in-America supplies, our tradition of customer-service excellence, and our history of beautiful homes. Drop in today to find out about our Roaring 20’s special, where everything (including labor) is 20% off.

November 23, 2011 News