The Newlywed Nest

When Carpet and Hardwood Floors Come in to Play

A bride-to-be knows that getting married and planning your new life together can be an exciting time. Many times with a new life comes a new living space to accommodate for two instead of one. In addition to combining traditions and routines, you’re also combining tastes in aesthetics. They may match up, and other times, you find yourselves disagreeing. Whether it’s carpeted or hardwood, it’s a bridge you’ll have to cross together when picking on a new place to call home. Though you may not always agree, there are ways to work through the decorating decisions in your new home without running for the hills.

Compromise on your Carpet versus Hardwood dispute

This word of advice can be applied to all areas of your new marriage and life together, so we’re applying it to the ideal flooring decision. You want to make a decision both sides will be happy with. If you’re into the sleek look of a rustic hardwood floor, but your partner prefers the comfort of a shag rug carpeting, a good compromise would be to use hardwood in the neutral areas of the house (hallways or the dining room) and keep carpet in the bedrooms, where you value comfort the most.

Mesh Flooring Aesthetics

Similar to compromising, meshing your design aesthetics together can be a quick and painless remedy for your flooring differences. If compromising starts getting you nowhere, think about meshing aesthetics by agreeing on adding a nice rug to a room with all hardwood floors. You get the best of both worlds, and each side is happy!

There’s No Time Limit on Decorating and Re-Decorating

Much like your relationship over the years, your taste in home décor will also change. If you and your spouse suddenly realize a home full of carpet isn’t for you, make the decision together to re-design the floors. In the case of carpet, many times you’ll find hardwood beneath them, which will save on time and money once you hire a professional to help. Adding carpet to hardwood floors is just as easy, and you don’t have to stress over making the wrong decision the first time around.

November 10, 2011 News