Halloween-proof hardwood floors

Halloween is just around the corner. Are your hardwood floors ready for the witches and goblins who will be passing through?

Cover Hardwood with Rugs

A small carpet or floor mat can protect high-traffic areas and add style to your home. Check out our limited-time offers (valid through 10/31/11) for a quick fix.

Prepare for Candy-Covered Floors

Even the most careful goblin can drop their bag of treats. Know your finish, and keep the proper cleaning supplies by the door. When mistakes happen, you won’t have to abandon your Halloween post to find a sponge.

Stay Outside

If the weather is right, sitting on the front porch can save your foyer for year-long enjoyment. Consider moving to the porch, and keep dirty shoes and sticky candy off your floors.

October 25, 2011 News