Carpet Trends

Love it, hate it, carpet is here to stay! And one thing’s for sure, the trends are as changing as fashion down a run way (which, maybe, should be covered in carpet to match?) There are plenty to choose from, and we’re going to touch on just a couple of trends from 2011.

Carpet Trend: Color

Not only does color hide many of the mistakes and imperfections that occur from everyday wear and tear, but they also add a splash of color—excitement—to your room. Neutrals are typical and a safe bet when adding carpet, but really elevate your room by highlighting it in a way your toes will thank you!

Carpet Trend: Texture

Much like the fashion trends that repeat themselves, some carpet trends are classics. We’re seeing a lot of texture and length in popular carpets. Have you been hiding your love for shag rugs? Finish off your whole room with a fantastic texture, and make your statement.

Take advantage of new technologies and try out a new fiber: they are getting softer and softer, and man-made fibers are more affordable than ever.

Carpet Trend: Comfort

This is a no brainer. People are drawn toward carpets that look good, and feel good, too. Comfort is huge when apart of an area that will receive high traffic every day. We’re getting better at it; once-rough carpets are now becoming softer, so you don’t have to limit yourself by feel, and can style your room with aesthetics, as well!

Ask American Flooring how to complement the perfect carpet with an elegant hardwood floor, or beautiful ceramic tile.

September 29, 2011 News