Invest in the Durable Luxury of Wool

For comfort and long-lasting luxury, wool carpeting is making a comeback.

Invest in the value of a quality product, with a stain-resistant resiliency for years of wear. The most durable carpeting available, wool retains color and shape well, is flame retardant, and does not melt. Wool fibers hold soil high on the carpeting pile, releasing soil up to 25% better than other carpet floors.

For a sustainable, environmentally-friendly home, consider wool flooring. Wool is water resistant, but absorbs moisture vapors to cool rooms; as air dries out a room, wool carpets release moisture and act as efficient humidifier. As a natural fiber, wool is takes less energy to produce, provides insulation, and is biodegradable.

American Flooring offers special financing options, but wool blends are a beautiful option if the investment cost of a wool carpet is too high. Stop by American Flooring in Lansing, Okemos, or Holt to discuss the best flooring for your home.