Flooring for the whole family

Home flooring should fit every member of your family, right down to Sparky and Fido. Our design consultants can tell you more about the best options for your dog or cat, there are some helpful guidelines to maximize stain resistence and durability:

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting is often the most comfortable, and safe option for pets.
  • Consider cork floors as a more pet-friendly alternative to hardwood floors.
  • A nylon, textured, plush carpet will wear better than wool; non-looped carpeting is better for cat claws.
  • Select a darker shade of carpet to hide dirt.
  • Ask American Flooring about anti-stain treatments.
  • Vaccuum regularly; consider occassionaly laying down baking soda to absorb odors before vacuuming.

Be sure to stop in to any of our three locations—Lansing, Haslett, and Okemos—to learn more.