Halloween is just around the corner. Are your hardwood floors ready for the witches and goblins who will be passing through? Cover Hardwood with Rugs...

A dog is a mans best friend, but this doesn’t mean mans best friend can’t get a little out of hand at times, and that usually results in messes and mistakes on the floor. But there’s no need to fret: with new pet-friendly and wallet-friendly remedies, you can love Fido, and your floors, at the same time.

Love it, hate it, carpet is here to stay! And one thing’s for sure, the trends are as changing as fashion down a run way (which, maybe, should be cove...
Ready to announce your style in your home? Like the perfect little black dress, make your statement: a beautiful rug, elegant parquet hardwood, or dis...

There are many ways to address the debate between filling your home with carpet or hardwood floors. Largely it’s based on aesthetics, but there are underlying reasons that can sway you one way or another.


Wood is a renewable material, and properly-managed forests produce environmentally-friendly wood. American Flooring carries Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products. Efficient flooring production uses timber in sustainable ways, and the proper care of any hardwood floor reduces environmental impact.


The latest technologies have improved laminate to imitate hardwood floors, from ebony to teak, as well as stone. We can show you hundreds of options, and work with you to find your best flooring solution.

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